Aaron's extensive experience and dedication in both law enforcement and specialized investigations, is now focused on helping victims of asbestos exposure.

His law enforcement journey began with his graduation from the Belleville Area College Police Academy in 1995. He earned a Criminal Justice Associates Degree from Columbia College, Missouri in 2001, and served as a Homicide Investigator with the Major Case Squad in the St. Louis Metro Area and as an Undercover Narcotics Officer with the Metro East Group in Southwestern Illinois. His career culminated as a Sergeant with the Granite City Police Department before transitioning into specialized investigations.

From his family’s blue-collar roots—his father was an auto worker at the Corvette assembly plant in St. Louis, Missouri—Aaron learned the value of hard work early on. Before his law enforcement career, he spent eight years in the dairy industry, rising to Assistant Plant Manager at Prairie Farms Dairy in Granite City, Illinois.

Today, Aaron collaborates closely with clients and colleagues, using his expertise to locate, collect, and preserve evidence vital to asbestos cases. His dedication and professionalism make him an invaluable asset in his role as an investigator for the firm, and a trusted advocate for those he serves.