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Across the United States, many workers have devoted their lives to the oil and gas industry, as well as various forms of manufacturing. Unfortunately, none were warned about the risks of invisible chemical threats like benzene. After giving decades of their lives to their employers, workers suffer from major illnesses, including cancers, kidney disease and more. Why? The likely culprit is benzene exposure.

Workers exposed to benzene who are at risk for certain serious illnesses may be eligible for compensation. Since many employers do not have proper safety procedures in place to protect employees from benzene and other harmful substances, skilled benzene attorneys can help you determine what types of compensation you should pursue. If you or a loved one is suffering from illness after benzene exposure, contact the Flint Cooper team as soon as possible.

What is Benzene?

Benzene is a colorless, slightly sweet-smelling and highly flammable liquid that is widely used in manufacturing applications, petroleum refining and across the production of various chemicals. Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to benzene can have severe health consequences. This includes an increased risk of life-threatening conditions such as acute myeloid leukemia (AML), myelodysplastic (MDS) and other blood cancers. If you have been harmed by benzene exposure, seek Flint Cooper’s team of qualified benzene exposure lawyers as soon as possible. 

What Products Contain Benzene?

Benzene is present in so many industrial processes that workplace exposures are common. If you work with or around industrial lubricants, dyes, plastics, rubbers, cleaning solutions or even pharmaceuticals, then you may have been exposed. Many household and cleaning products contain benzene. A short list of these products includes:

  • Household and industrial cleaners
  • Dyes
  • Glues and gums
  • Inks
  • Lubricants and other petroleum-based products
  • Nylon and synthetic fibers
  • Paints
  • Pesticides
  • Rubber
  • Solvents 
  • Waxes

Benzene occurs naturally in some products like gasoline and vehicle exhaust. Therefore, workers in the oil industry have increased risks of benzene exposure, particularly by inhalation. If you worked with oil products or in the oil refining industry and have developed a benzene-exposure-related illness, then contact Flint Cooper today to discuss your case.

Effects of Benzene on the Environment

Benzene pollution can pass from an industrial source and pollute the environment, including groundwater, rain and snow. It can also contaminate soil, which in turn can harm crops and animals that eat polluted grass and feed. This can ultimately cause benzene to reach humans who have little to no exposure to industrial processes, as well as enhance the exposure of those who work in benzene-laden industries.

Effects of Benzene on the Body

Benzene can have serious negative effects on your body’s red and white blood cells. It can cause your bone marrow to stop producing red blood cells, leading to severe anemia. It can also affect your immune system and damage your white blood cells and immune response. 

While the amount of benzene exposure will impact the amount of damage to your body, even short-term exposure can cause serious damage. In addition to harming your red and white blood cells, benzene exposure can harm your platelet count. If your body has fewer platelets, you may not be able to form a clot after a cut, leading to excessive bleeding and even death.

Symptoms of Benzene Exposure

Benzene is typically in liquid form at room temperature but can quickly become a gas. Some symptoms of breathing in benzene include:

  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness or confusion
  • Headaches
  • Labored breathing
  • Shakiness, unsteadiness, or tremors
  • Confusion
  • Unconsciousness
  • Death

You can also be exposed to benzene by drinking contaminated foods and drinks. Some immediate symptoms of benzene exposure through consumption of contaminated consumables include:

  • Vomiting
  • Heartburn or stomach irritation
  • Dizziness
  • Convulsions
  • Death

Additionally, benzene exposure can cause long-term symptoms and effects. These can include cancers of the blood like leukemia such as acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and myelodysplastic (MDS). See your doctor immediately if you think you have the symptoms of any of these diseases following benzene exposure. If you do, then Flint Cooper will help you obtain compensation for your injuries. 

If you or a loved one is living with an illness from benzene exposure in the workplace, then contact our benzene lawsuit attorneys immediately. We can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Hiring a Benzene Lawsuit Attorney

Dealing with the aftermath of benzene exposure can be overwhelming and emotionally draining. By enlisting the services of a Flint Cooper benzene exposure lawyer, you can focus on your recovery and well-being, knowing that a skilled professional is working to protect your rights and seek justice on your behalf. Flint Cooper’s lawyers will handle the complexities of a benzene exposure lawsuit as well as the paperwork and negotiations, allowing you to regain some peace of mind during a challenging time.

Benzene exposure can result in significant physical, emotional and financial hardships. A skilled lawyer will assess the full extent of your damages, including medical treatment costs, ongoing care, pain and suffering, loss of income and reduced quality of life. A Flint Cooper attorney will fight diligently to seek maximum compensation on your behalf, accounting for both current and future losses.

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