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Tepezza Hearing Loss Lawsuit

At Flint Cooper, we are committed to upholding the rights of individuals who have been adversely affected by Tepezza, a drug that is prescribed to patients suffering from Thyroid Eye Disease (TED). 

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Tepezza Hearing Loss Lawsuit

At Flint Cooper, we are committed to upholding the rights of individuals who have been adversely affected by Tepezza, a drug that is prescribed to patients suffering from Thyroid Eye Disease (TED). Horizon Therapeutics, the manufacturer of Tepezza, is accused of deliberately withholding information regarding the risks associated with the use of this drug, namely hearing loss and tinnitus.

This disregard for the well-being of those who have been prescribed Tepezza is especially tragic, as what was thought to be a groundbreaking treatment for conditions affecting one sense, vision, may have ultimately led to the decline of another sense, hearing, for a significant number of patients.

If you have been prescribed Tepezza and believe that you have suffered hearing damage as a result, you may be entitled to compensation. We encourage you to schedule a free consultation with Flint Cooper at +1 618.288.4777 to discuss your legal options and potential recourse.

Patients trusted Tepezza to alleviate their suffering, only to face debilitating hearing loss. This betrayal of trust is unacceptable and demands justice.

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Latest Tepezza Lawsuit Updates

August 2023: There are currently 46 Tepezza cases pending in the MDL.

June 2023: Tepezza cases from across the country have been consolidated into an MDL under Judge Thomas M. Durkin of Chicago.

May 2023: The Panel on Multidistrict Litigation was scheduled to hear oral arguments both for and against the motion to consolidate Tepezza lawsuits. 

April 2023: Horizon Therapeutics filed a motion opposing the creation of an MDL in California. 

March 2023: Plaintiffs filed a motion to transfer and consolidate Tepezza cases into an MDL in California.

October 2022: Horizon Therapeutics filed a motion to dismiss Weibel’s complaint.

August 2022: Daniel Weibel became one of the first plaintiffs to file a Tepezza lawsuit in Illinois, alleging that the drug had caused him permanent hearing loss and tinnitus.

Tepezza Approval & Hearing-Related Risks

In January of 2020, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted approval to Tepezza as the sole drug authorized for the treatment of Thyroid Eye Disease. The drug is administered intravenously to help alleviate symptoms of TED, such as vision loss, double vision, bulging eyes and many other symptoms. 

After approval, the drug was rigorously evaluated in two clinical trials to ensure the drug was safe and effective. Initial findings reported that hearing-related side effects were only experienced by 10% of patients, but recent studies indicate a much higher risk, which is a concern for a considerable number of individuals nationwide who have received Tepezza infusions. This recent study found that nearly 82% of the 27 patients who participated reported some form of hearing-related side effects while using Tepezza. While many of those patients were able to report that these side-effects had subsided weeks after stopping Tepezza infusions, five patients reported long-term side effects or even permanent hearing loss.

Do I Qualify To File a Tepezza Lawsuit?

If you have experienced hearing loss or tinnitus after receiving Tepezza infusions, you may qualify to file a Tepezza hearing loss lawsuit, but only a licensed Tepezza attorney can determine whether or not you qualify.

Depending on which state you live in, the statute of limitations for a Tepezza lawsuit can range from two to four years, so time may be limited. Contact our experienced Tepezza attorneys today.

How Flint Cooper Can Help

Our legal team is ready to advocate on your behalf and seek compensation for the hardships you have endured. Navigating the complexities of pharmaceutical litigation requires legal expertise, and Flint Cooper is well-equipped to guide you through the process. Your well-being is our priority, and we are dedicated to seeking justice for those impacted by the alleged negligence surrounding Tepezza. Flint Cooper operates on a contingency basis, meaning you will pay zero expenses unless a settlement is won on your behalf. To schedule a free consultation please call +1 618.288.4777.

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