Tailoring our legal services to fit the individual needs of each client, not the other way around.
Flint Cooper’s mission is to achieve justice for victims harmed at the hands of the government, companies and organizations, and empower those whose life, livelihood or lifeblood have been destroyed by injustice.
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Flint Cooper ensures clients will receive the most aggressive representation, care, compassion and, most importantly, results.


Managing Partner
Managing Partner
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Flint Cooper excels at representing people injured by the negligence of others, and the verdicts and settlements achieved are a great reflection of the firm’s dedication to its clients.

Flint Cooper has recovered over $2 billion for tens of thousands of clients.

Government Takings
Flint Cooper has pursued judgments for over 800 clients across 19 states.
Personal Injury

Flint Cooper has represented over 200 clients, recovering more than $7 million.

Products Liability

Flint Cooper has recovered over $160 million more than 8000 clients.

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Success Stories

Flint Cooper applies its knowledge and experience to win trials, not just collect settlements, further strengthening its reputation of providing clients around the world with exceptional counsel and unparalleled advocacy.

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Taking the first step in starting a claim can be the hardest part, but if you need an experienced attorney to work for you, please contact Flint Cooper today.

Flint Cooper offers free, no obligation consultations to learn about your legal rights. Flint Cooper represents all of its clients on a contingency fee basis, so we only get paid when we win your case. That means zero out-of-pocket, upfront fees and zero expenses unless your case is won.