Our Commitment

Our firm is built upon...

commitment and reputational excellence, delivering meaningful benefits to our existing roster of clients and a broader scope of new clients around the world.

—ETHAN FLINT, Managing Partner

A Message from the Founders

For over 20 years, we have represented people, not clients, nationwide and across borders, handling cases involving serious personal injuries, wrongful deaths, exposures to toxic chemicals and defective or dangerous products. Whenever people are seriously injured or killed by the negligence of others, there is a story to tell, which is why we put you first and take the time to listen to your unique stories, piece them together, tell them clearly and with passion, and do it in a way that produces a just result for you. We firmly believe in tailoring our legal services to fit the individual needs of each client, not the other way around.

While the pain may be common, we understand that the story is very personal. That is why at Flint Cooper we win by leveraging broad legal thought leadership while strategizing in uniquely individual ways. We pride ourselves on guiding our clients through difficult issues, bringing our expertise, experience and insight to each new, special situation. Every case inspires original solutions to our clients’ most complex disputes. By thinking on your behalf every day, we anticipate what you want, provide you with what you need, and build relationships that last beyond the verdicts and victories we win.

As your advocate, we are driven by a strong and principled sense of social responsibility; committed to achieving justice and providing meaningful benefit to you and your family. When you interact with us—whether by emailing, visiting our website or chatting with one of our team members in person—we strive to ensure you are empowered with the right answers.

Since no claim is a “one-size-fits-all” application, we sit down with you to discuss the potential award against the time and effort it will take to succeed. With decades of experience, we will be there with you to help you pick the best path for your family. We explain your options and the process so that you can make an educated decision. At Flint Cooper, we are a powerful team of specialized professionals who have helped thousands of families throughout the nation obtain extraordinary results and maximize their chances of success.

At Flint Cooper, we represent shared values around client commitment and reputational excellence. With a global vision and local understanding, our experienced, dedicated team is here to assist you and your family with first-class, step-by-step advocacy. For us, the only way to fight for your rights and secure the judgment you seek is to take the time to get to know you and to offer you options that will best meet your and your family’s needs.

Ethan Flint

Jeff Cooper