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Bigger is not better. Better is better.

Flint Cooper is a preeminent full-service, multi-disciplinary litigation firm with trial experience and expertise, managing a diverse portfolio of multibillion-dollar cases.

—JEFF COOPER, Managing Partner

About Us

Over its 20 years of practice and co-led by founding partners Ethan Flint and Jeff Cooper, the firm has represented thousands of clients and is actively working on a caseload worth over $17 billion. Flint Cooper boasts a national presence and the ability to file a lawsuit and try cases anywhere, managing catastrophic personal injury and product liability cases, and litigating cases involving terminal illnesses.

Leveraging the deep expertise and experience of its team of specialists, Flint Cooper delivers unprecedented and proven solutions for all types of clients, complex client matters and an ever-evolving business landscape. Flint Cooper employs an integrated offering, targeting resources of influence and expertise for the design, management and implementation of multi-layer efforts on behalf of its clients.


Flint Cooper advises its clients on developing strategic opportunities by providing in-depth market, competitor and customer insights, helping clients implement plans to improve their profitability and long-term value.

Strategic Counsel

Flint Cooper helps its clients control the time, expense and risk of litigation by working to control the risk, offering them an unrelenting advocate strategically positioned to achieve the exact disposition the client wants and needs.


Flint Cooper broadens and deepens the influence of its clients across a wide spectrum of complex issues by carefully cultivating a multi-disciplinary approach and engaging its global network of relationships.

Settlement Counsel

Flint Cooper resolves the most complex cases by pragmatically identifying common interests, providing settlement negotiation, representation for business disputes and alternative dispute resolution services.


Flint Cooper has been built by thought leaders, by innovators whose mission it is to redefine legacy legal culture and in doing so create a best-in-class law firm. Driven by a culture of relationships, both with clients and amongst the team, Flint Cooper thrives by encouraging initiative, valuing teamwork, fostering a refreshingly open forum for idea exchange and prioritizing impeccable client service above all else. Most importantly, there is a strong belief that the firm is an extension of its team of professionals; all of whom courageously devote their experience, intelligence, talents and time to the pursuit of justice every day.


The Flint Cooper professionals always act in the best interests of the firm, the clients and the communities represented.  The firm shows up authentically, acts transparently and commits to upholding an environment where ideas are expressed freely, expertise is shared widely, and trust is both given and earned.


Everyone is accountable for Flint Cooper’s success, continually seeking opportunities to contribute, progress, and improve the firm, the clients’ cases and the community at-large.


Inclusivity and collaboration give rise to the best moments—both internally and externally. Flint Cooper remains open, cooperative and accessible; embracing different experiences and points of view to strengthen the case planning and problem-solving.


Flint Cooper believes doing well by doing good is not just good for change, but rather good for everyone. The firm allocates financial and human resources to make positive contributions within its client pools, its practice areas and its local communities.

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Flint Cooper has yielded meaningful results for its roster of clients because of the firm’s human and humane philosophy, and its dedicated team of attorneys committed to helping make the compensation process simple. The five main components of Flint Cooper:


Ability to try a case in front of a judge and jury, and win.


Experience pursuing administrative claims and negotiating settlements.


Knowledge of maximizing bankruptcy trust claims.


Pursuit of other compensation and government benefits.


National presence to represent clients everywhere.