Products Liability

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Products Liability

Products liability law protects consumers against products containing inherent defects that cause harm to a consumer.

Defective and dangerous products cause thousands of injuries in the United States every year. Flint Cooper attorneys represent injured clients and file claims on negligence, strict liability or breach of warranty of fitness to prove the manufacturer or seller of a product is liable for the damages or injuries suffered because of defects in goods purchased.

Any consumer who suffers personal or property damage from a faulty product may seek restitution from any or all parties along the chain of manufacture of any product. Parties that are potentially liable for the sale of a defective or dangerous product include manufacturers of component parts (top of the chain), assembling manufacturers, wholesalers and retail stores that sold the product to the consumer (bottom of the chain).

Since injury victims may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses or lost wages, Flint Cooper’s dedicated team of attorneys help make the compensation process simple.

Manufacturing Defects

Errors during the creation or assembly of a product that cause injury. Since the design or manufacturing specifications can be used to show whether or not the product was defective from that standpoint, these defects are the easiest to prove.

May only affect one product.

Design Defects

Flaws in the intentional design of a product that cause injury. The flaw can come from the product’s inception or cost-effective alternative design, which could have prevented the injury in question.

Entire product line is affected.

Marketing Defects

A negligent or intentionally misleading representation of a product that causes injury. Inadequate warnings or instructions to warn consumers include mislabeling products, insufficient instructions and failure to warn of any known risks or hidden dangers.

Entire product line is affected.

Success Stories

Flint Cooper has extensive experience and success litigating against pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers throughout the United States.


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